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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Your Right Not To Be Hassled By Phone

I'm no expert, but to me there are flaws with the "Do Not Call List." I've heard that it only blocks calls of a "let me sell you something nature." It doesn't prevent non-profit organizations or poll takers from calling. It doesn't stop political organizations from ringing you either.

I believe that one of people's rights is the right to enjoy sanctuary within their own home. That's the right to be left alone. In Texas, they preserve this right in the extreme, allowing trespassers to be shot and killed without so much as a, "Leave or I'll shoot" from the armed homeowner. Now, sure, a phone call is not the same as a physical guest or trespasser. But hearing that certain companies instruct their employees to call a minimum of 15 times before removing you from the list is just absurd.

If you had a stalker, and they were calling you at all hours, you could get a restraining order. And yet some companies replicate that stalker behavior, and are allowed to do it.

I love having technology connect us all, but what I don't like is the potential for abuse. What I'm waiting for is phone service to catch up to email. That way you can block SPAM calls in such a way that you never even have to hear the phone ring when a SPAMMER calls.

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