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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Power-Hungry Politicos

Today I heard that politicians get to be in power by any means necessary, and once they achieve that power, they continue doing whatever it takes to maintain and augment their power base.

This idea was used to explain the rationale for our current President, who was referred to by one person as, "King George," increasing the power and influence held by the Executive Branch.

Someone else pointed out that Hillary Clinton will undoubtedly win the 2008 Presidential election, but won't change anything. What's more, she just may continue to increase the power held by the President, and instate mandated hand chip implants.

It seems like every other day there's something in the news evidencing the negative changes America is currently going through.

I hope there's a positive end to all this, but it just feels like there are too many wheels turning to keep us from a bad scene.

The place I read all that was a page on Digg.com. It was in the comments for a story about how AT&T is like Big Brother, keeping tabs on everyone.

Here it is: They're Doing a Huge Massive Domestic Dragnet on Everybody in the US

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