Monday, July 28, 2008

Globetrotter Candidates

I think Obama has set a precedent that future Presidential candidates will seek to repeat. In traveling abroad, and apparently campaigning internationally, Obama has opened up a new era encompassing all nations in the consideration of America's next President.

I believe that after most mentions of Obama's trip in the media, the reporter or anchorman would add that McCain had done something similar a few months ago. And yet Obama got major coverage for it! It makes him seem like the hero of the world. But some people still believe McCain knows more about leading the country.

Last night while channel surfing, I saw Obama's face on at least 7 different networks. Pretty much within a five-minute period. Maybe he said something really important. But it struck me as possibly evident of a polarized media. ...Nah.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

New McCain Ad: Nicely Done

I saw an ad for the McCain Campaign the other day, and it hooked me. The music was great, the background information was solid, and the images were moving. The narrator was fantastic.

At the end, it said something like, "Don't hope for a better tomorrow. Vote for one. McCain."

Then the McCain logo came together swiftly. It was a pretty neat effect.

I enjoy seeing well-made advertising on television, especially when so many commercials seem pretty stupid.

Obviously the "Don't hope, vote," message was a swipe at Obama and his Hope-based platform. But based on the difference in speech quality between Obama and McCain, and the fact that Obama seems to prefer generalities while McCain deals in specifics, the ad seemed completely justified in its jab.

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