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Monday, November 12, 2007

Political Polling Brain Scans

I was watching the news today, and learned that a new trend among pollsters is to give the citizen being asked questions an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) during the interview. The idea was brought up as the topic of a short segment between a female news anchor and an elderly professional pollster.

The pollster's take was that it's just another "secret weapon" or "edge" that the candidates can use. In a race to be the next President, every bit helps, even if it's bunk. And that's just how he saw the MRI's usage. He said he believed that similar, if not superior results could be obtained from first asking someone how they felt about a candidate, and then following up with, "Why?"

The MRI has revealed that when someone thinks of a certain politician, the emotion areas of their brain light up. So obviously each individual candidate will evoke a different emotional response in different people. The gist of the study, according to the pollster, was that women liked Hillary Clinton, and men like Rudy Giuliani.

The last time I considered Giuliani as a potential winner, I remember hearing on either the "Daily Show" or the "Colbert Report" that he's really running to be "President of 9/11." That got me thinking about how a lot of what he seems to be saying hinges on his experiences in New York. Sure, he did a good job, and we needed him, but a Presidency isn't solely about moments of crisis. At least, it shouldn't be.

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