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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Recent Monday's Green NBC Lineup = Environmental Propaganda

I DVR'd "Chuck," "Heroes," and "Journeyman." I noticed special tips for how to go green, both during shows, and during commercials. But what really struck me was the hue they used.

They colored all 3 shows a subtle yet noticeable shade of green. The first time I noticed it was during the Heroes opening -- the eclipse shot. It had a green background, and I just figured it was like when "The X-Files" started using intro messages other than, "The Truth Is Out There." Maybe it had something to do with the biohazard Peter Petrelli just found out about?

But later during "Journeyman" I saw the green hue as just a simple overlay to color all immediate programming. Why?

To get the viewers into the "green mindset." I don't think being energy-efficient is a bad thing, it just surprised me how far NBC was going to convince us to think a certain way. I hadn't even noticed the hue for half of the 3-hour block.

It almost felt like I stumbled upon a subliminal ad, but the fact that I eventually realized what was going on made me just feel mildly oblivious. I'm sure, though, that some viewers probably never even noticed at all -- at least, not consciously.

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