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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hillary vs. Obama? Or Hillary vs. Giuliani?

The media seems to be screaming that Obama is Hillary's biggest opponent. But other places seem to say that Giuliani is really the one to take on Hillary. In my mind, Hillary doesn't really have an opponent strong enough to present a real challenge. Maybe the media is making Obama seem powerful because of his race? Electing the first black President would be interesting, but maybe there's more to it than that.

On more than one occasion I've heard that Giuliani's platform is more related to 9/11than anything else. I wonder if a national crisis right before elections would sway the public and get us all to believe that we need Giuliani to bail us out? Because if all he's good for is fixing things that are truly messed up, then that may be the only scenario in which he would seem necessary.

Then again, over 70% of Americans (apparently) believe the country is on the wrong path. That in itself is evidence of how messed up things are.

So who will face off with Hillary?

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Vote For Hillary Online said...

It's going to be Hillary vs Obama in the primary, and Hillary vs Giuliani in the general election. So it's both.

Guy said...

Of course, how foolish of me. Thank you for clarifying.

old hack said...

I think this video says it all about the Giuliani / Clinton conspiracy


Guy said...

Creepy... Giuliani loses to support Hillary. I've wondered about the whole, "The Democrats can't lose, but they'll find a way" deal, and thought that maybe there's a conspiracy where one party purposely slips up to help the other.