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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

1996 Election vs 2008: This One Matters More

Channel surfing, I came upon an old episode of Mad TV. There was a segment from their old "X News" sketch in which they were complaining about the '96 election and how the candidates were either out of touch with society or were unmemorable.

Of course, at the time we all took the election seriously. It was important. But in hindsight, it feels far less important than the upcoming one. I guess that's because it feels like there's so much riding on it.

Bush has done many things in office that the general public disagrees with. So we are looking for someone who can truly represent us in the White House. Sure, that was also important in the 1996 election, but things weren't so bad in the years leading up to it.

I think the reason 2008 is so important is because we've got a lot of room for improvement on a national scale.

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