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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Al Gore In The White House

As part of winning the Nobel Prize, Al Gore was invited to the White House, along with other Prize winners. Seeing Gore stand next to Bush in the Oval Office (I think it was), it made me think back to the election, and about all the things Bush has done that have made him less likable than he might otherwise be. I wondered just how much secret animosity Gore felt toward him in the months and years preceding the televised moment in which they stood side by side.

On camera they both appeared normal, happy, and quite friendly. They weren't really interacting, but they were smiling amiably at the men and women in front of them.

It made me wonder whether there were any bad feelings there at all. My theory is that whatever is truly felt is suppressed and hidden for the good of the situation at hand. That detachment from true emotion may be so complete as to sever the ties with the naturally-occurring feelings in favor of more professionally supportive ones. But I guess that's something we all aspire to.

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