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Thursday, November 29, 2007

CNN YouTube Debate: Fantastic

This morning I was able to watch some of the debate rebroadcast from last night. It was great seeing real people make contact with presidential candidates. It really hit home how much technology is changing things.

Previously, normal folks would have to get in line in person to ask a single candidate a question at one political event. Now, people can craft eloquent and insightful questions on their own time, submit them, and if they're good/lucky enough, get accepted for airing and answering by many candidates at a time. Of course, there must have been many, many questions that were ignored for one reason or another, but the fact that the people who got through seemed to be normal makes the point that things appear to be opening up to the common man.

I don't think the Republican party really has as big a chance at getting a candidate elected as the Democrats, simply because of all the negativity from the past few months (and years). In spite of that, it looks like there are more than a few men who have good ideas for improving the country.

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