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Friday, November 23, 2007

Women: Chip Implant > Stolen Purse?

Watching an ad for an expandable compartmentalized purse alternative, I began to wonder about the Visa Chip. One of the commercial's selling points included an across-the-chest strap for wearing a purse that would prevent would-be thieves.

Like most commercials, this one skewed things. First, a woman was shown sitting at a table with her purse hanging from her chair. A thief snatches it. Then, using their product, the woman wears the purse. No worry about losing it. But who wears a purse when seated? To be fair, she should have been shown wearing her purse in the first scene, too.

Back to the original question. Since the fear of losing a purse is used as a selling point for a "better" purse, could the fear of losing what's in the purse, like credit cards, be used as a selling point for a credit card that, like the advertised purse, you "wear" all the time? A credit card that you wear on, say, the inside of your right hand?

Things don't seem bad enough that fear of theft could be used to sell such a device, but maybe all it takes is some bad neighborhoods to start getting implants. Pretty soon, people are sharing how "convenient" the tracking implant is, and how it makes things "easier." "I never have to worry about losing my money again!" Nor would you need to worry about being truly free, since that ship would have long since sailed.

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