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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Global Warming U.S. Like Pre-WWII Germany?

On an episode of the original "Star Trek," it was revealed that a Federation officer had violated the Prime Directive and interfered in a civilization by teaching them to emulate Nazi Germany. He said he did so because things were falling apart for them, and in all of earth's history (according to him) there was no country more efficient than Nazi Germany. He said at that point in time, the Germans were able to come back from incredible devastation, and triumph over it.

But living in a country like that, a pure Police State, is like living during a perpetual witch hunt. The atrocities are unforgivable. And it appeared the Starfleet officer didn't intend to carry out any new atrocities on the newly-created Nazi planet. He just wanted to make things "better" by solving whatever problems there were with efficiency, through using every resource, and every man, woman, and child as a tool of the State.

Already people have begun to question the current State of the Union. Are we moving toward Fascism? Some think so. Are our civil liberties being broken down for various reasons? Some say yes. When a country meets incredible hardships, it does whatever it takes to overcome them. So the question is, do we feel it necessary to overcome the mounting obstacles with a loss of freedom? Will global warming, fewer resources, and terrorist threats all combine to give us cause to create another pure Police State? A country in which everybody must do their sworn duty for the good of the nation? An America without Freedom? Will all of this come to pass?

Only if we let it.

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