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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hey Buddy, Vote For The Guy Who Paid Me To Hassle You!

I remember way back in college being approached by people on the street at election time. These were normal people. Fellow students. But they had been bent to the wills of the campaign managers for various candidates.

"Hey, you gonna go vote?"

"Already did."

"Here, have a piece of paper!"

Let's look at this little blue slip I just got...Hmm...an event is taking place on this campus in the near future...candidate X will be there...


Other student: "Hey, you vote yet?"

Subtext: "Vote for my guy!"

Today, I got two calls from two separate candidates. Recently I got a piece of mail that referenced a prior conversation I supposedly had with someone regarding Obama. Never happened. Various other solicitations have been made as well, but I won't bore you with the details.

I feel so popular!

The point is, in an age with "Do Not Call To Solicit Business" lists, there are people who will call, and write, and show up in person to make sure you know the RIGHT person to vote for.

"None of the Above!"

Or maybe Clinton...or that Colbert guy...or...

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