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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Clinton Was A Good President, So There Is Hope

Recently, I posted about how The Presidency Is Bigger Than Any One Person. But I'd like to think that the damage that's been done to America and the world in general over the past 8 years can be undone with a better national leader.

When Bill Clinton was in office, he brought the deficit way down. When George W. Bush was President, he sent the deficit way up. Clinton, despite his scandal, did a good job in other areas. The scandal of Bush is that he seems to have done quite poorly in other areas. What does this mean?

If one President can make things good for America, and another can make them bad, then its possible that yet another can make them good again. It's also possible that a new President could make things worse, and continue down the fiery course that has already been set. Time will tell whether the former or latter comes true.

I think that another Clinton administration might just be what we need. But what if I'm wrong?

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