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Friday, November 2, 2007

Is Our Current Administration Doomsday-Ignorant Or Doomsday-Intentful?

It occurs to me that all the stuff happening with America around the world has been set in motion by our current administration. As the days go by, the public gets wearier and wearier of being led by a man and group that don't have the same goals in mind as we do. All of these major military actions and a lack of homeland focus seem to be adding up toward a final showdown with the major powers of the world. Does anybody besides me have a problem with that?

I was thinking about George W. Bush and co., and I just couldn't wrap my head around them having a reason for making things worse. So I tried to rationalize how they could conceive that the actions they're taking will make things better. Then I realized something.

You can be so intent on one path, that it seems easy to rationalize it. You can be so determined that no amount of resistance, no number of naysayers, will sway you from your decision. Even if you're the President, and the naysayers are three quarters of the American public.

But the President's job is to answer to the people.

The reason I came up with that could be used by our current administration to justify its actions is this: "The public doesn't know what's best for itself. I/We do."

It's like a stubborn father deciding the fate of a teenage child, without heeding the valuable input the child tries to communicate. And most feel good films say that's a bad thing.

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