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Monday, February 25, 2008

No Candidate Is Good Enough?

A while back, the media was saying that this was going to be one important election, in which we the American people had the opportunity to turn things around once and for all with a great new President and a bright new future. I thought, "No matter who we vote for, it's all going to be great!" Hillary seemed awesome, Obama seemed awesome, Edwards seemed awesome, Huckabee showed potential, Giuliani seemed capable, Romney seemed moral, McCain seemed experienced... It all showed so much promise.

But recently I've been seeing a growing number of posts on the web about how each candidate is deeply flawed, and does their best to hide those flaws from the public. I really thought things might get better, but maybe I was deceived. Maybe I was wrong.

I heard one person say a long time ago that all the efforts Bush has undertaken to expand the power of the White House would not be proven futile should Hillary win, because she'd continue the trend and expand her power to the point where cameras end up everywhere (or something like that). Some people are pretty sure Obama's going to be the Democratic candidate now, so I wonder if he'd do that? What if Obama ends up being the idealistic speech-giving new guy who is so new that he can't stand up to the pressures of the preexisting government clique that says, "Do like we do or else?" He'd become powerless to live up to all his speeches. If we elect him, I hope he can walk the walk he's talked.

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