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Monday, February 4, 2008

Michelle Obama Inspires Me

I saw her on C-SPAN, and she is fantastic. I know she won't be directly leading the country if her husband wins, but I like her ideas. She said we need to fix public education, and get it back to the place it was at when she was a student who moved from public school to Princeton to Harvard Law.

She spoke a lot about the shifting bar in society. I believe the general idea is that the standards for doing well in life are increasing so rapidly that just when you think you've got a foothold, you lose it. You work hard, study hard, take all the extracurricular activities, but can't afford to go to the best college possible. Or you're a single parent, trying to make ends meet, and you work hard, but your job just doesn't pay enough to raise a family on. She was able to eloquently highlight a few of the nation's problems, especially regarding the economy. However, I didn't listen long enough to hear the solutions she proposed, if any. She seemed to be largely focused on what's wrong, and not on how to make it right. But acknowledging a problem is the first step toward solving it. However, we already know our economy is in the toilet.

Anyway, it was the first time I got to hear her speak, and I like her point of view. She seems hopeful for a brighter tomorrow.

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Janet Shan said...

Great insight. I like Michelle Obama a lot too. She speaks with such authority that one has to stop to listen. She makes a lot of sense in how she sees the issues that continue to dog the United States and I believe, that she would make a great first lady. She has such poise and can reason with the best of them.


Guy said...

She's definitely worth hearing. I wonder why she doesn't seem to be in the media so much? Maybe she will in the future. I wonder if showcasing her great speeches could be a way for the Obama campaign to appeal to voters who want to see an influential woman in the White House? They might think better of Obama knowing he'll also have the female point of view (from his wife) that Hillary has.

JaaJoe said...

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Guy said...

Wow, so she herself is contributing to the problem of expensive health care. She probably has some well thought out rationale for the story about her salary, but the situation sounds a lot like hypocrisy.