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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Frank Caliendo and George W. Bush

I've been wanting to watch some of that new "Frank TV" show, but it's rarely on. Thankfully it was on last night, but it seems like "Frank TV" got shafted somehow. I remember seeing all kinds of ads for it, and then it just fizzled when the Writers Strike came into being. But you can still see Frank here and there.

On a comedy special, he impersonated George Bush. He is very, very skilled at this. Yesterday I saw him do a commercial for, I believe it was Dish Network. There was Frank, and Frank as George Bush, side by side. Bush said with Dish Network, you can "Divver" (DVR), "Recordify," and "Recordificate." It was funny.

I was feeling bad for Frank, and all comic impersonators, because of all the new media frenzy regarding the "up-and-coming" politicians. I thought, "If Bush is on his way out, then all the comedians have to come up with new bits." But I keep forgetting, we've still got a whole year left for Frank to do his thing. Hopefully TBS will let us see it!

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