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Friday, February 1, 2008

McCain + Giuliani = SuperTeam 911

I saw on the Daily Show last night that Giuliani is out of the race for President, and is now endorsing McCain. I actually got the vibe that they were teaming up, and Giuliani would become McCain’s running mate. After all, with Giuliani by his side, McCain was compelled to throw out a reference to 9/11, something Giuliani is considered by some as being notorious for. However, it seems McCain will simply absorb Giuliani’s power. Maybe he’ll channel the engines of “Tested. Proven. Ready.” into something else.

I also heard that Obama’s campaign looks at McCain and says he’d make an ideal opponent. McCain represents (I guess by his age and race) the “old style,” while Obama (through those same factors) is shiny and new. Just because something is traditional, though, doesn’t make it wrong. Sure, Bush is older and white, and he is no longer popular with everybody. But that doesn’t mean that another older, white gentleman couldn’t do a killer job. In fact, what’s wrong with the progress Bill Clinton stint as President made? He sure helped us out with the deficit problem. It seems like the campaigners want to stereotype older white guys as being bad. But doing that could shut us off to the possibilities of electing one of those guys who legitimately has the skills, plans, and desire to turn this country around.

It’s funny, doesn’t mention (at least up front) that the quest has ended. I wonder if they still accept donations?

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Janet Shan said...

All I can say to Giuliani bowing out is good riddance. I lived in New York City during his first term as mayor and halfway through the second term and he was good at cleaning up crime, but he fanned the flames of racial tensions. If McCain picks him as his running mate, I think that is a surefire ticket to a Democratic victory.

Guy said...

Giuliani never made a hugely positive impression on me. What you say makes tons of sense, especially given the widespread desire for a changing of the guard.