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Friday, October 12, 2007

Stephen Colbert For President

This article revealed that Stephen Colbert of Comedy Central's "Colbert Report" wants to run for the office of President as both a Democrat and a Republican.

In his native state of South Carolina, Mr. Colbert can kick of his campaign using media outlet ETV to garner support from fellow citizens of SC. He is gracious enough to allow the public to determine which party he truly belongs in. As a returned favor to Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who previously mentioned he'd like Colbert to be his Vice President, Colbert has decided that Mr. Huckabee can be his VP, if and when he is elected.

For those of you who read my recent post about Why America Will Never Vote In A Comedian President, you already know my thoughts on the idea of electing someone on the basis of their TV or movie persona. However, Mr. Colbert insinuated that his persona isn't necessarily the one that's running for President. Saying that he's really two people who go by the same name, it's possible that if America does elect him, they won't get the Colbert Report Stephen. They'll get the real one. And who knows, he could have a knack for politics.

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