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Saturday, October 13, 2007

"None Of The Above" For President

In "Brewster's Millions," Richard Pryor as Montgomery Brewster ran for political office with the campaign slogan, "None of the Above," advising folks to vote for neither him nor his fellow candidates. What if America were to vote "None of the Above?"

There are a few options here. First, we could boycott the vote. If nobody voted, we'd likely have to have another election. But what if we all actually went out and voted for a write-in candidate by the name of "None of the Above?" Since that phrase doesn't have a solid meaning, even if "None of the Above" won, it wouldn't win, unless the public had obviously agreed to what it meant beforehand.

If it means, "None of those who are running," it might force a new pool of candidates into the running, and keep Mr. Bush president a little longer.

If it instead means, "No, no more presidents," then I'd bet someone would try to convince the public that we really do need someone to look to for leadership.

Let's think about how a school would handle it if the student government held an election and nobody voted for anything other than, "None of the Above."

From what I remember about school, those in power could make and break their own rules at any time. So I bet at one school, if "None of the Above" won, the principal or previous president would decide who the next one would be. And that’s not Democracy. But I guess that's what we'd get if we as citizens put out the message that we're not voting for anyone anymore. Thankfully, that hasn't happened -- just yet.

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