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Monday, October 8, 2007

Hillary Clinton on South Park

"The Snuke" was an episode of the cartoon "South Park" in which Hillary Clinton had a nuclear weapon hidden inside her body. I wonder what effect, if any, it had on public opinion?

“South Park” is probably watched by a younger demographic, and I’ll bet many of its viewers are too young to vote. But 18-24 year olds are a powerful voting force, and perhaps “The Snuke” impacted their feelings on Hillary Clinton. If anything, it gave her more visibility.

There were rumors that Tom Cruise fought to have the “South Park” episode lambasting him along with Scientology removed from airing. I’m not sure those rumors were true. Maybe other unnamed people fought on behalf of the Cruise organization.

Not hearing about any problems the Clinton campaign has with “The Snuke” could make Hillary seem more tolerant by comparison -- more willing to poke fun at herself, more down-to-earth, and therefore, easier to relate to. And voting for someone is much easier if you feel you can relate to them.

I wonder if there are plans for any episodes involving other presidential candidates? Maybe the creators of “South Park” are aware they have a lot of influence, and would rather not get involved in the pre-election shenanigans. It’s not too difficult to see someone taking an idea and running with it in the media, insisting that “South Park” is trying to force people to vote a certain way. I generally like “South Park,” and the vibe I get from the show is that bad ideas in any form are going to be made fun of. The viewer is instructed (in a subtle, entertaining way) the think for him/herself. Because of this, I don’t think “South Park” would intentionally favor one candidate over another, unless there was a good reason, most likely ideological, and not financial. And who knows? There could be.

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