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Friday, October 5, 2007

Presidential Power

George Bush and his administration has done more for the Presidency than many former Presidents, in that he has been able to strengthen and increase the influence the President can exert while in office. He has gathered power not only for himself, but for future leaders of America. What does this mean? Are we on the path toward a Despotism?

A guest on "The Colbert Report," Naomi Wolf suggested that we are indeed on the path toward Despotism. She said that she would very much like to return as a guest in a year to discuss how we narrowly averted disaster. I've mostly thought that future Presidents would "fix" what changes Mr. Bush has effected, which so many people disagree with. I thought if Hillary Clinton were to win, or Obama, that they'd both reinstate the balance of power between the President and other parts of the government that so far has seemed to be in flux. But what if they don't give up that power?

In the news lately, Bush shot down the children's health care reform bill, citing that it didn't cover the poorest children adequately. That sounds ok. But it seems like a lot of things that could be beneficial have to get through him, and he often disagrees. Is the media just making it seem like he's hindering progress? Or is it somewhat true? It's as if we've got an expert team of scientists working toward building a better tomorrow, and a bureaucrat pops his head in the lab every now and then and says, "I don't think so."

I like to believe that there is a reason Bush is apparently directing this nation on a course of his own choosing, and that it is a good course, but with such a public outcry against him, I can't be 100% certain. I'm sure in time his goals will be understood, and in hindsight, maybe he'll seem like the best President we ever had -- strong, resolute, steadfast and determined to do what's best for America, even in the face of thousands of nay-sayers.

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