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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Another War? Nuts.

Do we need another war? Is Iran really a threat? No.

Or what if it is? And the President already cried wolf too hard before, and now his warnings are falling on deaf ears?

If we go to war, things could be bad. International relations may suffer.

If we don't go to war, and Iran really does get The Bomb, things could get really ugly.

I don't see us taking no action. I think we'll probably take steps toward an invasion of Iran, and then maybe something will happen to stop us. Maybe we'll stop ourselves. Maybe other countries will say, "No, this time you actually are right. Go on ahead, and we'll help." Or maybe they'll say, "And why can't Iran go nuclear, huh?"

To which we'll reply, "Because they're crazy."

Yeah, I think like it or not, we've got a brewing confrontation on our hands. And that's a shame.

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