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Monday, March 3, 2008

Yahoo's Political Headlines Are Stupid

I wish I had kept record of them so I could back up the claim that they're dumb. Oh well. I guess I'll just provide some examples based on the ones I've seen, but not exactly the same as the real thing.

"Clinton vows to turn her campaign around"

"Obama plans his next move"

"Clinton resolves to continue on"

"McCain wows supporter"

Stuff like that. Really stupid obvious stuff that's common sense. Of course the 2nd place Democratic candidate wants to turn things around and rise to 1st place. Of course Obama's planning his next move. They all are, all the time. Of course Clinton's going to continue. She's not far enough behind to quit. And of course McCain's going to "wow" his supporters. Supporters are most often wowed by the person they support!

It just makes me think back to something I saw on TV a little after one of the early primaries. One reporter was questioning whether the media in general was giving the election too much coverage. Another said yes indeed, and added that a lot of the recent "news" was really crap -- pure speculation. Pointless, and a waste of time for us, the audience. Who cares what might happen?

If we're working for a campaign, we might use speculation to plan out our future actions. But since most people aren't part of that whole process, speculation is meaningless, and far from entertaining. Skip to the end.

It's the same with the headlines at Yahoo. Titles like "Obama answers voter questions" imply that the "news" articles are pure filler. Pure common sense, a rehash of stories that are told every four years. The only things that change are the names.

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