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Friday, March 14, 2008

One World Order

What if the U.S. economic troubles, combined with a shortage of oil and Global Warming, lead to major world-wide problems? What if someone comes along claiming to have the solution to those problems? Would a One World Order make sense as a solution? I'll bet it could be argued that way...

If all nations were working together in every area, there'd be no shortage of information, no guesswork involved. With cooperation on a global scale, we might be able to fix each nation's issues easily. But once all the problems are solved, does the "order" that has been imposed remain in place? Do any and all regulations that have been enacted stay active? Are more regulations put into effect?

It's pretty scary to think about, what with all the doomsday scenarios connected with the One World Order idea. But what if it's ultimately necessary, no matter what path history takes? And what if a unified world can achieve total peace?

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