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Saturday, January 19, 2008

How To Solve Campaigning Budget Woes

Right now, the campaigning tactic seems to be: go to each state, and appeal to that demographic's voters. Change yourself from state to state, to suit each group of people's interests and attitudes. This takes a lot of money to do effectively, as it entails a great deal of travel, paraphernalia, and tons of in-person meetings.

Then, when the President is elected, he/she addresses the nation as one, on camera.

So here's my thought: A candidate could save money, and make contact with far more voters, by making daily video logs. He could say, "Greetings America," in one, and in another, focus on South Carolina, or New Hampshire, or whatever. It would be fairly inexpensive to add this tactic to a campaign, and yet it has the potential to produce massive results.

A poor candidate might focus solely on video campaigning. A wealthier one could simply add it to his/her arsenal. I'll bet this will be standard by 2012.

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