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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hillary vs. Obama

For a while, in some circles, the idea was (and is), "We need a black President."

In others, it was (and is), "We need a lady President."

I haven't heard too much of either goal in the media lately, though I'm sure many groups and individuals still hold onto them. I think what the media has been doing is taking each candidate as the sum of their accomplishments and capabilities (i.e., "We need a good President"), and not as someone defined by race or gender. However, it is still put forth that those two issues do carry some sway in the public consciousness (of course), both here and abroad.

Now, we've got two candidates, both highly attractive and capable, who fit the respective bills. And they're at war with one another? Weird...

I heard that some people are against the Hillary vs. Obama feud because they foresee the possibility of a Hillary-Obama joint ticket.

Could negative tactics on both sides weaken their power over voters, so that John Edwards and the Republican candidates get a better shot at victory?

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Janet Shan said...

I think Hillary Clinton did not expect to lose South Carolina by such a large margin. She got her ass kicked, to put it bluntly. I felt that John Edwards could pull out a win, especially during the hissy-fit Obama and Clinton threw the other day, but it's not likely at this stage. I also don't believe that we will have an Obama/Clinton ticket. They don't seem to get along. Check out my blog at http://blackpoliticalthought.blogspot.com

Guy said...

It's too bad they don't get along, because some people think they'd make a good team. Oh well.

Nice blog. I had no idea Canadians were facing racism! I just thought it was a sitcom gag.

"Who's your friend?"

"Oh, he's from Canada."

I guess there's a lot more to it.