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Monday, January 28, 2008

Bush vs. The Economy

I saw on “The Daily Show” that hours after George W. Bush announced an economic recovery plan, the stock market fell a few hundred points. I’m somewhat doubtful a quick fix will be enough to dig us all out. There was an episode of Saturday Night Live a long time ago when a guy impersonated Bush, and some of what he said seems incredibly relevant today. It was along the lines of, “That’s why I keep lowering taxes. Money going out, no money coming in, and it all evens out!”

I think the President has been operating under a similar process. Lowering taxes means the government has access to less cash, so it borrows to spend more and more. The American government is like a teenager with a credit card, no job, and an expensive appetite. Pretty soon that teen goes bankrupt.

I feel like even if we all get $1000 as part of the Recovery plan, we’ll hoard it due to continued fears and doubts regarding economic recovery, and it won’t do any good.

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