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Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Watched The Democratic Debate

About an hour's worth. Here's what I saw:


  • Technically proficient in his ideas, which are good
  • Pauses a lot, says "uh" a lot, easily loses my interest
  • Apollo program for the environment, boost patriotism there
  • Great speaker, looks at audience, camera, emotional and intellectual appeal
Bill Richardson
  • Good ideas, but overweight
  • Fat cat look? Lack of will power? Lack of character? Weaker appearance? Don't want a weak-looking leader
Chris Dodd
  • Father was censured, but isn't running to clear family name
  • Is running to serve the public
Joe Biden
  • Not a racist. Obama and others back him up.
John Edwards
  • Looks great for 54
  • Blinks way too much, weakens his position, possibly would hinder him in meetings with foreign leaders
I admit, much of this is superficial, but I figure diplomats and citizens worldwide will be affected on a similar basis.

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