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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ellen Cons Her Way Into Speaking With Bush

Yahoo has a video of Ellen DeGeneres with guest Jenna Bush. Ellen talked Jenna into calling her mother. The secretary or call screener said Mrs. Bush was on George Bush's line, and transferred the call. Ellen said "Hi" to the first lady, and steered the convo toward the President. She seemed aggressive, but she probably expected a good amount of resistance.

When George Bush got on the phone, he seemed like a nice, ordinary father. In fact, he sounded much different from his stereotype, to the point where I first doubted it was him, and then doubted that the Bush we see and hear on television is the real Bush. Of course he'd have a different attitude with his family, but the unexpected nature of the call and the way his voice sounded made me wonder about the humanity and the personal experiences of our leader. I thought, "Could what happened to him happen to any of us? Probably."

Each of us might find ourselves in charge, and might end up making decisions that a lot of people don't agree with. But we're only human. That's what the call put emphasis on. It humanized him.

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