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Monday, April 28, 2008

Miles Dyson For President

I was watching an episode of "House" on USA last night. On a side note, USA now has a green logo that appears in the lower right hand of the screen, like many other channels. Anyway, the actor who portrayed Miles Dyson in "Terminator 2" was going to run for President on "House" once he regained his health. He said he wouldn't win. House said why run if he wouldn't win? Dyson alluded to the idea that he would be running for a purpose other than victory. He wanted to create positive change by convincing as many people as he could that a black man could be the President.

That made me wonder what Obama's intentions are. I think he really could be elected. Maybe he was coached (or decided on his own) to continue the race as long as possible in order to convince as many people as possible that he, a black man, is a viable option for the Presidency. So even if he doesn't win, he'll go down in history as a door-opener for the black community. Awesome! He can't lose!

This makes me wonder, then, if it is appropriate to say, "Stop it Obama and Hillary!" I can understand Obama's goal, and Hillary's too. Why not allow them as much time as they need?

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