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Monday, September 22, 2008

It's All Up In The Air

I hope the bailout works. I hope our stopgap solutions are enough. I hope they don't make things worse.

I'd read a while back that if the economy takes center stage, Obama would be likely to win. If war took the spotlight, however, McCain would be the stronger candidate.

Lately the news has been shifting quite quickly from huge story to huge story. From hurricanes, to Russia's aggressiveness, to Sarah Palin's experience, to the economy. Whew!

Let's see, what to worry about today... Nuclear War with Russia? Nah. Let's go with money.

I saw a story citing a guy's change in mental attitude based on the negative economic news we've been getting lately. This guy went out and bought a lottery ticket. "If I win, I won't have to worry..."

I'll bet everyone is concerned to some degree. Even lottery winners.

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